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Dear Scholars,

The South Indian History Congress is happy to launch its Online Journal Archives. This Digital Platform fields all research articles, presidential addresses, endowment lectures etc., owned and published by the organization. These were published in the Proceedings of the South Indian History Congress since 1980. This digital archives enables all scholars to access these articles in online mode and they can also use the weblink in their research works and other applications. The project was implemented by the administrative committee of the South Indian History Congress in the year 2022. The University Grants Commission, Government of India has approved the journal as a UGC Care Listed one. The Editorial Committee will publish all selected research papers on this online platform immediately after the annual session.

Prof. Sivadasan. P
General Editor
South Indian History Congress

* The views and opinions expressed in articles in this journal are author (s) own and the publishers are not in any way liable for the same
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